The Farm, Byron Bay

09 August 2018
On our recent trip up the North Coast of NSW and into QLD I scheduled a few stops based around food. On our return trip I booked us into lunch at The Farm, Byron Bay. Good friends, who knew my approach to food, told me about The Farm several years ago so it's been on my radar for a while.

We arrived a little early to give ourselves time to explore before lunch. First stop was to take the girls to visit the animals: horses, pigs, cows & chickens, mostly heritage breeds.

Then the girls were keen to work up an appetite on the playground - which is in handy view from the  outside restaurant and cafe tables. Next to the playground were the bees (but not too close!).

Bee hives and plenty of herbs and flowers for them to enjoy.

Lunch was delicious. We ate in the restaurant, but there is also a bakery/cafe. Or if you prefer you can grab a hamper from the produce store and picnic on the grounds. As you'd imagine there were lots of seasonal dishes, farm produce and local products served up.  The menu is good for sharing or going your own way as you can choose from smaller and more main size dishes.

We enjoyed dishes of coal roasted octopus, chargrilled fish and porchetta. All were dressed up with delicious seasonal vegies and tasty sauces. A great setting on the veranda to sit back and enjoy a leisurely lunch and a glass of wine (or two).

This chicken was very happy to clean up the bits and pieces dropped by the kids.

After lunch we swung by to visit the chooks and check out the vegie 'patch'.

I was tempted by a few plants in the Garden Shed but seeing as we still had a couple of days on the road I stayed strong. Plus, I'm not sure how happy they'd be to be transplanted into my cold climate.

If you're in the area it's worth a visit and if you have the time why not stop for lunch or grab some supplies from the produce shop.

There's plenty of info on  The Farm website about the philosophy, community and the different projects going on if you want to read more.

Have you visited The Farm before?
Got any other recommendations for places like this to check out in your area or that are on your 'to see' list?


  1. That looks like a place I'd enjoy visiting.
    Thanks for sharing, Laura. 😊

    1. Definitely add it to the list if you find yourself 'down under'!

  2. I have never been there, Laura. I imagine the weather was beautiful as it has been quite warm here too up until the last couple of days. It looks like a nice place to visit.

    1. Worth a visit Chel if you find yourself in the area. yes, the weather was so lovely, especially when coming from deep Canberra winter :)

  3. Oh Laura, thanks for sharing that link. I played it over twice, I loved the whole feel of it so much. Definitely one for the bucket list. XX

  4. every time we head to northern rivers, we mean to stop and eat here but never seem to find the time. must do it soon:) cheers sherry


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