Seed Sorting and Spring Plans

07 August 2018
Before each main planting season I try to take some time to check out my current seed situation and make plans for the season ahead. I must admit I get a little excited about choosing, buying and planting seeds. I always do too much of all three!

So, on a nice rainy winter day I sat down to take stock and make plans.

Purple podded peas saved late spring 2016.

My seeds are a  mix of ones that I've collected, heirloom varieties and the occasional packet from a mainstream seed supplier. I'm a member of the Diggers garden club and each season they give free seeds to members. I use this to stock up my supplies and also try to collect the seeds.

I really enjoy the process of going through my seeds, sorting things out and tidying up. I especially love when I find gaps and can make plans for choosing new seeds!

This is my first spring/summer season of planting and planning for a full Canberra garden. Last year I moved in November so I did most of my planning in Adelaide and then had to rejig things once we moved. Plus I had to play catch up on planting and give up the ghost on many summer crops (the most sad being tomatoes).

This year I'll be planting across pots and garden at home plus my large community garden patch (which is still a lot of couch grass - must get digging faster!!).

A collection of seeds for planting.

Plans for seed planting in the next month

These seeds are OK with colder soil temps and will hopefully provide some harvests before the true summer crops get going. Most of these crops should make some nice salads as the weather warms up too. Although warmer weather feels far off still.

I have a few different varieties of most of these. In the past I've planted my peas in autumn for spring crops but I missed the boat this year so I'm having a gamble at growing them now for a late spring crop.

  • carrots
  • leeks
  • chicory
  • lettuce
  • radish
  • beetroot
  • peas
  • kholrabi
  • fennel
  • Spring onion

Root crops for future planning and hopefully future eating!

At this time of year in Adelaide I'd normally be seeding my full summer crops to plant up and be ready to plant out late September/early October in an advanced state. I'm figuring that it'll be at least a month behind here so I'll plant my full summer seeds early September with a view to plant in the ground late October/early November.

I'm yet to map out a proper plan for my community garden but I figure I have a little extra time up my sleeve with the weather here.

Next step is to plug the seed gaps with a little seed purchasing without getting too over excited. At this stage I have a few things on my short list. I'll need to narrow things down soon so I can get my ordering done. Particularly I want to get my potatoes soon so I can get those in the ground. So, looks like I'll have to spend a little more time with my nose in the seed catalogue - I'm not too disappointed about this!

Taxing afternoon tasks - choosing seeds and sipping tea.

Any seed planting or purchasing plans at your place?
Do you ever get a little over excited about choosing seeds and plants for planting?


  1. I just planted seeds this morning. 😀 Kale, turnip, Swiss Chard, and some lettuce.
    I also received free moringa and fig cuttings, and planted them as well. It's still very hot and humid here, so I look forward to cooler weather and fall planting season.

    1. Yes, It's always like that at the end of the season isn't it - longing for the shift in weather.
      Love figs - hope the cuttings go well.

  2. Ha, it must be the air today Laura. I've been sorting through my seeds too, the same type of mixture as yours... some saved and some purchased from various places. We did have a discussion the other evening, about planting less this summer due to the dry season and water being an issue, but oh it's so very difficult to curtail my planning, and planting. ;-) Sally from Jembella Farm X

    1. I feel like we are often on the same wavelength Sally!
      Oh yes, that will be hard. I feel your pain on the planting curtailing - I hope you can find a balance between the water and the desire to plant all the things!


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