Signs of Spring

02 September 2018
Today marks the second day of spring and I'm happy to report that it actually feels a little like spring here in Canberra. The breeze is still on the fresh side but doesn't have that icy edge today. The sun is shining, skies are blue and signs of spring are popping up all around.

Spring brings with it feelings of anticipation and hope for me. After the hibernation and stillness of winter there is a wound up energy that starts to make it's self felt. The warm weather makes me long for time in the garden and outside in general. It also has me looking to dig into tasks and projects that I've been reflecting on over the quieter months.

Unidentified spring blossom at the community garden.
In honour of the lovely weather and the knowledge that spring planting is getting close I spent a couple of hours digging at my community garden plot today. Most plots are pretty quiet at the moment on the growth front but it was nice to see blossoms on the various fruit trees. The garden has a small orchard that members help to care for and of course, help to enjoy the harvests from. This is our first spring/summer so I'm not sure of all the varieties as yet.

More blossoms ready to bloom.

Exciting times ahead - flowers on the broad beans.

There are also some signs of spring here in the garden at our home. I did a little early spring seeding recently and already a few brave seeds are showing themselves.

Lettuce seedlings - Forellenschluss or speckled trout

Red Bok Choy

Over the next two weeks I'll start planting seeds for the summer crops with a view to planting these out late October/early November. Must not get too carried away.....

Any signs of spring at your place?
What's going on in the garden and life in general?

Leaves sprouting on my quince - this is a sucker from our Adelaide tree.


  1. Here it's still hot and humid summer. I can't wait for cooler weather to arrive.
    You are all ready for spring gardening! 😊
    My mustard seeds are sprouting and I want to plant broccoli and cauliflower when weather is cooler.

  2. I always find I have to hold myself back in spring or I end up planting a plethora of seeds and way too many plants for the space I have to plant them out...all that pent-up planting energy from winter i suppose!!
    Hope the hot & humid weather eases for you soon :)

  3. Beautiful blossom photos, Laura. Here, it's cold and rainy today which is just wonderful! I've planted up pots of petunias and repotted a few plants but haven't started on much else as yet. I am thinking cucumbers and some different greens to go with the self-seeding lettuce that's popping up everywhere, even in the lawn! Meg:)

    1. Good to get some rain I bet Meg. Got to love self seeding plants. I remember once reading about a lady who had a packet of seeds blow away into her lawn and she had so many lettuces growing that she was giving them away to the whole neighbourhood - and made the paper for it!


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