Birthday Cake Nostalgia

18 September 2018
This weekend we celebrated a little birthday in our house. Of course there was cake and when there is a birthday cake required out comes the classic: Australian Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake book.

I have fond memories of pouring over the pages as a kid and picking which birthday cake I would have next time (and usually the next 4-5 times too). I can remember each incarnation that I was served as a celebration...and the ones I've missed out on too!

When my nieces and nephews started arriving in the mid 2000s the birthday book was brought back into rotation. I don't have any of the pics myself but there were many late night cake decorating sessions with my sisters to ensure a suitable celebratory cake.

Now with my own girls I've been able to dust off my own copy. There was a lot of deliberation by a certain 2 year old in the lead up of the weekend. Minds were changed several times and finally it went to a vote, assisted by bigger sister narrowing it down for her. The winner was the gingerbread house.

The winner is....the gingerbread house.

In true Laura-form there were some modifications made to the recipe. The gingerbread cake mix was replaced by a chocolate cake house and a choc chip cookie roof. Decorations were a little bit more low-key and some lego friends were added before the serving time (didn't get a pic of those).

Cake is a very important part of any birthday celebration and it's lovely to see the girls get involved in the tradition of pouring over 'the book' and choosing their own. With just 4 and 2 birthdays under the belts respectively they've got lots more years ahead to enjoy.

Or maybe even more. When I was in my late 20's I lamented to a friend about missing out on having the painting palette birthday cake. Several months later she turned up to my birthday celebrations with the very cake I'd always wanted to see on my party table. As a fellow child of the 80s she was on the same page when it came to 'the book'.

Incidentally, my sister in law was telling me at the party that the lady who came up with the idea had to really fight for the idea to be taken seriously and go ahead. I'm so glad she did.

Apologies to my international readers who may not have a point of reference for 'the book' - but perhaps there is an equivalent from your childhood?
If you are familiar with 'the book' what was your favourite cake (to make or receive)?

Apologies for sideways photo, blogger was not playing nice.


  1. Laura, I had that book years ago. I may have passed it on to my daughter. I can't remember now which cakes I made as it was a long time ago but the kids loved looking at the book too.

  2. Love your gingerbread house and the piggy cake! I have a birthday cake book too and my son loves to look through it and choose a cake. I have made him a special cake every year, from a caterpillar cupcake cake to an ice-cream echidna cake and various 'number' cakes too. Great fun! Meg:)

  3. That's a beautiful cake. Happy birthday to your little one! :)


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