Here & Now: July 2018

15 July 2018
This month has been filled with lots of lovely winter enjoyment and the prospect of a couple of weeks in sunnier climes. 

Loving // The beauty of frost on the garden. Weekend trips to visit family now that we are living back on this side of the country - took the girls to see my dad and they enjoyed lake and farm activities in equal measure.

Is water ever too cold for kids?

Climbing the silo - a rite of passage on the farm.

Eating // Lots of good winter soups and stews. Plenty of chard and kale. Also brought home a few eskies full of lamb on our return from the farm so that has been great - particular stand out was an 8 hour slow cooked shoulder.

Drinking// Lots of tea, a few red wines and the occasional dark beer.

Sauteed greens, roast lamb & hommus on sourdough - simple & delicious.

Feeling // Content. Life is uneventful, but enjoyable at the moment and progress on my business goals is slow but steady.

Making // Pasta (catch up on pasta day here & here), snacks and lots of food with thriving winter greens

Homemade dried pasta ready for a quick meal.

Thinking // About all the fun we'll be having on our little mid winter jaunt northwards. This is our first family holiday for over a year that hasn't involved a family event. Thinking about lots of sunshine and shedding the winter layers for a little while.

Dreaming // Of big travelling plans around this big old country....

What's happening at your place? Link in with Sarah at Say Little Hen or comment below.

We are off on holidays for a couple of weeks. I may post while we are away if I get some inspiration but then again...I may not. Look forward to catching up on happenings when I return.


  1. It sounds like you might be becoming to Queensland for holidays, Laura. If so you better not come to the Darling Downs as we have been having 0C mornings but the days warm up and are sunny. Of course the coast is not usually as cold.

    1. Yes, we've been in QLD for a week now - absolutely loving the warm weather, and yes, sticking to the coastal areas.

  2. We are loving the frost here too in the Northern Rivers. Have a lovely time away with your family and see you when you get back.

    1. Must admit I'm enjoying missing the -6ish frosty mornings that have been hitting Canberra while away. Although, I'm sure there will still be plenty of frost to enjoy post-holiday.

  3. Travelling plans around the country is lovely dream material, Laura. How amazing would the be! Meg:)

    1. It would be so amazing Meg and such a great experience for us as a family. I suspect dreaming may soon turn to planning...

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Nil, hope you are enjoying the summer over your way.

  5. It’s been frosty every morning here, too, and very cold at night!
    I hope you have a lovely holiday and the weather stays sunny for you while you’re away!

    Sarah x

    1. So far so good Sarah - lots of sunshine to enjoy and double bonus of missing some record breaking cold in Canberra!


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