Using up your savoury preserves

19 June 2018
Preserving up your garden bounty, foraging windfalls or market bargains is a great way to extend the availability of seasonal ingredients. Personally I find preserving a little addictive and each season I love to experiment with a few new pickles, relishes and the like.

If you too enjoy preserving your own or even just purchasing unique preserves on your foodie jaunts you might find a stockpile in the cupboard or a few half used jars in the fridge. There is only so many roast meat and relish sandwiches one can have so what to do with these pantry preserves? Here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration.

Rhubarb and cranberry chutney.

Put it on things

A little bit of chutney or relish definitely lifts the flavour of many snacks and meals. A classic Australian combo is roast meat and relish sandwiches but don't stop there:

  • Grilled veggie stacks
  • Toasted sandwich - a favourite combo is salami, cheese and mustard pickles.
  • Eggs on toast - my favourite is poached eggs with tomato relish of any kind.
  • Cheese and crackers - put it straight on top for a tasty snack or add to a cheese plate in lieu of quince paste.
  • Indian curry or dahl - a classic combo but one I always have to remind myself to do at home.
  • Anywhere you'd put some tomato or bbq sauce.
  • Baked soft cheese wheel - I haven't tried this yet but it's on the to do list - baked cheese is pretty decadent by itself so I think this would cut through that a little. Oh, and for all the pregnant ladies did you know you can eat soft cheese if you heat it above 72℃ - that's how I discovered the amazing-ness that is baked soft cheese (you're welcome 😉)

Cheese & chutney on crackers.

Put it in things

A few places we've enjoyed adding our savoury preserves:

  • Meatballs and hamburger patties.
  • Rib and grilled meat marinades (either straight up or in combo with other ingredients).
  • A surprise dollop inside a meat pie (kind of like a jam drop in the middle of a biscuit).
  • In the mix for homemade sausage rolls (or vegetarian version if you choose).
  • Added to shepherd pie base - this is particularly nice if you are using left over roast meat for your pie.
  • Stirred through cream cheese to make a dip.
  • Mixed through mayonnaise for a flavour lift on the side of wedges or anywhere you'd add some mayo.

Current status of the savoury preserve shelf - plenty to see us through the winter!

Do you have a stash of savoury preserves in your pantry or fridge?
Any go-to ways to use them up that you'd like to share?


  1. You can't beat homemade preserves, my stocks are very low now, so perhaps time to make some more, but first I am going to harvest and use some herbs.

    1. Yes, homemade preserves are so delicious and a great way to get creative in the kitchen. Thanks for popping over to comment.

  2. You've already named several of my favourite ways to use, my fruit and choko chutney. It's also my staple for cooking. It's like a flavoured, sweet curry paste. I use this, instead of a can of tomatoes, because I try to avoid nightshades. It works in mince meals, chicken casseroles, or any kind of dish that needs a liquid flavouring to add moisture. I also use it as sauce on a pizza base, and to flavour sourdough scrolls, with cheese and bacon.

    Which is why I make several batches of my chutney per year. I can them in 500ml jars, because I go through so much. One meal can take half a jar, easily. But I like to buy $5 boxes of fruit'n veg, which is not in prime condition. Good value though, and you cannot tell, once you've turned it into a chutney!

    1. Pizza bases and savoury scrolls- I completely forgot about those. I do this too. Thanks for adding them in.
      The chutney sounds like a great idea for using in lieu of standard tomatoes - I imagine you could put in all sorts of veg. Great idea Chris, thanks.


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