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10 June 2018
Over the last couple of weeks I've been harvesting the last of the summer planted crops. As the weather shifts into true winter the harvests will be very few and far between so it has been nice to gather a few lingering provisions.

Here are a few pictures of what I've been gathering from the garden:

Single white carrot and chioggia beetroot.

More chioggia beetroot.


White sweet potato/kumara

The beetroots and lonely carrot were grown in an old plastic storage tub that I converted to a wicking bed. They didn't grow particularly large but were still tasty and a nice addition to a few meals.

The pumpkins and sweet potato were grown behind our back fence in some very poor soil that had veggie scraps and garden clippings dug into it. I'm pretty happy with how these went as I had set very low expectations. The sweet potato were from one plant. Previously my sweet potato plants have been perennial as in Adelaide there aren't really any frosts to speak of. I've planted some of the slips from this plant in a pot and will keep them protected until spring - fingers crossed a few survive.

The very large pumpkins will do us for many meals over the coming months. I'll probably roast and freeze some of it to add to meals as I go - another great 'get ahead' staple in my kitchen.

I've also been scoring some kale, chard and tatsoi from fellow community gardeners, which has been a welcome addition of greens to the menu.

What have you been harvesting lately?
Any advice for nurturing sweet potato plants through winter in a frosty climate?


  1. I thought that white carrot was radish. :)
    Your harvest looks great.
    I love pumpkin soup. Beet is another favorite of mine. I sauté beet leaves with chopped onions and garlic. I've heard that sweet potato leaves are also edible.

  2. Yes, I made a big batch of pumpkin soup on Friday night - but with a twist. I used a green curry paste and added rice - absolutely delicious.
    I have used sweet potato leaves before and also pumpkin leaves - both make a good addition to the greens, especially at end of summer when many other greens haven't made it through the heat.

  3. It is so nice harvesting from the garden for a meal, even though mine is small. I planted some sweet the wrong season.. in Melbourne! Very much a learner. However I still have Japanese turnips, broccoli coming on, lots of spinach, some radishes. Your pumpkins look great!

    1. Hey Karen, thanks for dropping by. Sounds like you've got some good harvests to look forward to. And as for the garden fail - we've all been there. Not many months to wait until you can give the sweet potatoes another go!

  4. I can't wait for our little harvest, at the moment we have only had lettuce and strawberries and radishes so far. You can't beat the taste of fresh, we are limited to what we can grow here and it is in pots.

    1. You definitely can't beat the taste or the sense of achievement that comes from harvesting your own - no matter how small the harvest is.
      Hope the pots produce well.


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