Here and Now: May 2018

15 May 2018
Autumn is definitely my favourite season. As a child I think it had to do with the fact it was my birthday season, but over time it has maintained its place as number one season in my book. 

There is a grounding and calming about autumn that I really enjoy. Things naturally slow as the weather cools and the days shorten. The changes in nature provide a visual prompt to pause in the moment and savour the here and now. To connect with this time and place. To slow, to turn inwards and to reflect.

Loving // The amazing colour show that is Canberra in autumn. There has been lots of rustling walks through the leaves and leaf collecting happening around here.

Eating // Warming soups and cheesy sourdough toasted sandwiches. I'm hoping to try out a few new soup recipes this winter (if you have any recommendations on a soup that is a little different please feel free to share).

Tea in the sunshine, enjoying the autumn show.

Drinking // Tea - no surprise there. Getting back into making chai now the weather has cooled.

Feeling // A little under the weather with a cold at the moment but overall feeling content with a sprinkling of inspired. I'm working away on re-building my 'day job' business and it feels nice to use my brain for different things.

Harvesting and preserving the last of the tomatillos.

Making // Lots of baked goods lately - trying different breads, experimenting with sourdough starter in things other than bread and keeping the snack jar full. The last of the preserves.

Thinking // About so many ideas for my business. On the home-front I'm thinking about lots of weekend jaunts and day trips to discover the food and wine places that have emerged while I've been interstate.

Current library book pile.

Dreaming // Of a winter holiday up north to warmer climes. I'm enjoying the change in season but I know a little holiday where it's warmer will help to break things up. Also, one of my lovely sister in laws moved to Brisbane at the beginning of the year so we are looking forward to spending time with her and hopefully a few others along the way as we road trip up.

What's been happening in your world? Fancy updating us all in the comments below or on your own online space. Head on over to Say Little Hen to check out what others have been up to and to join in if you can - you'll also find some pretty inspirational knitting to enjoy.

P.S I'll be back on Thursday with Reuse: Food Waste Part 3.


  1. Isn't autumn lovely! There's only a few trees changing colour here, but I appreciate them none the less. The days are so much shorter than they were, I've had to learn to rearrange my afternoon routine.
    Sourdough is great, isn't it? I've been making sourdough crackers lately, and they are really yummy!
    A great soup is Cauliflower Cheese soup. My recipe is in a book, but you might be able to find it online. It has mustard seeds in it, and is served with cheese crackers, croutons and bacon pieces, although it's equally yummy plain. Another great soup is Minestrone, I like to use a Margaret Fulton recipe :-)

    Thanks so much for joining in again,

    1. Hey Sarah, thanks for dropping by. Cauliflower soup is always good - I like the idea of a cheese and bacon element, thanks for the tip.

  2. Autumn is beautiful! I just wish it would last longer!! Where I live, autumn comes when it is back-to-school time after summer vacation. I always loved school and I think that is also why I loved autumn so much. Andrea

    1. I agree - autumn is beautiful.
      It's interesting the associations that connect us with certain times of year. Cheers,

  3. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and enjoy the autumn days with a mindful perspective. I often feel so rushed these days that things just seem to churn through in a frazzle of thoughts, tasks, and to-dos.

  4. Without a doubt Autumn is my favourite time of year. Snuggly fires, warming soups and cats piled on my lap. We don't have a lot of Autumn trees i the sub tropics but I have planted my own liquid ambar grove on our property. They are still only small but have leaves turning shades of red and yellow. I love the inner reflection that comes with this time of year too,

    1. Sounds like we are on the same page Lisa. How lovely to be able to watch your little liquid amber grove grow and put on their show year after year. Enjoy!

  5. Spring used to be my favourite season but now it seems to include a few heatwaves so now I prefer Autumn. Our Spring used to be fairly cool but the weather has changed over the 40+ years I have been living here. The Autumn leaves here look quite stunning.

    1. yes, the weather is definitely shifting isn't it. Enjoy your autumn heat reprieve.

  6. oh yes autumn is wonderful even if short lived and not spectacular like other climes, here in sunny brisbane. but we do feel the change and the days are beautiful and nights crisp. cheers sherry


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