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17 March 2018
I love reading blogs. I love being invited into people's daily lives, to see a glimpse of how other people are doing things, to feel a little less 'different' when you are not living like everyone else around you. I love the feeling of connection.

A roadside foraged bowl of apples awaiting some sort of preservation treatment on the bench.

I've enjoyed the Say Little Hen blog for sometime, particularly the beautiful photography and cute knitting projects (looking only at this stage but one day...). So, I thought in my first month of blogging I'd link into a little series that Sarah has been running for some time. Here goes....

Loving // Feeling inspired and motivated to put a little bit more of me back in my life. After 4 years of being at home with my beautiful kids I'm slowly starting to carve out some time for me and a few projects I've had bubbling away in my brain for a while (hence the new blog).

Chillies on the bush starting to ripen - I think i'll have a go at pickling some this year

Eating // Just now a quick lunch of cheesy pasta while I make the most of a kid free day to get some stuff done. More generally at the moment I've been enjoying a few lunchtime soups in the cooler weather.

Drinking // Water at the moment, but I did just prep up a glass of ice coffee and pop it in the freezer to enjoy icy cold in a little while. Loving icy cold coffee this past summer.

Feeling // Inspired (as above) and tired. My youngest did not sleep the best last night ergo I did not sleep the best. Do you think she knew that I had penciled in today to be my get stuff done day?

Making // Cucumber pickles. I planted 3 vines in November and am picking enough once or twice a week at the moment to put away a jar of either vinegar pickled or fermented cucumbers for the months ahead.

Baby cucumbers and plenty of blossoms on the vine.

Thinking // Of all the things I would like to get done today....and trying to maintain some perspective of my physical limits! Trying not to think of all the things that I should be getting done while I'm on my own. Also thinking of good friends - I caught up with a high school friend during the week to meet her gorgeous new bubba and it reminded me how nice it is to connect with someone who knows so much of your life and share your hopes and dreams with them as well as catch up on the day to day minutiae.

Dreaming // So. Many. Things. I'll pick an easy one today: an uninterrupted nighttime sleep.

I'd encourage you to head over to Sarah's blog for a peek around and enjoy the beautiful pics and thoughtful posts. And if you found me through the link up - hi and welcome to my new little space on the big old web (please say hi and introduce yourself in the comments below).


  1. Hello! Lovely to find you through Here & Now. I am looking forward to visiting you here! How lovely to have some foraged apples to cook with. I am investigating whether I can grow tropical apple tree here in my garden. I understand completely that tiredness that comes after a child's less than enough sleep time. (I do think they somehow intuitively know if you are planning a day of getting things done;) Meg:)

    1. Hi Meg,
      A tropical apple tree sounds interesting - I hope you have luck with it. I'm tempted to go for another drive and forage some more as I've now dried and preserved these ones but I'll wait until I sort out my newest foraged find - a few kilos of pears!
      Thanks for the comment. Have a great Sunday.

  2. Thanks so much for joining in Laura, and for your kind words! Your blog is gorgeous!
    It's just the way of things that you have a bad night sleep when you've a lot you want to do the next day, isn't it? It's hard to shake off the "should" sometimes and just be content with what we can achieve, and go gently on ourselves.
    I hope you've had some better sleep!
    Sarah x

    1. Thanks right back at you Sarah for your comment and kind words also. Yes, ignoring that little voice with its lengthy 'should' list is constant exercise for my mindful muscles!
      Thankfully much improved sleep the last two nights. It'll at least top me back up until the next time...
      Have a nice week.

  3. Welcome to Here & Now, and to the adventure of blogging! I look forward to exploring your new beautiful new blog! :)

    Recent storms destroyed the last of my cucumbers, but they were fantastically productive this season. Lots of yummy quick pickles as well as happy neighbours as I tried to keep up. Next up, dehydrating my over abundance of hot peppers to grind to flakes.

    1. I haven't tried dehydrating chillies and making flakes. Do you grind them in a mortar and pestle or in a spice grinder? I have a little glut on my chilli bush but was actually thinking of pickling them (my pickle obsession is strong!), might need to save some for chilli flakes to add to winter pasta dishes.

  4. I came here via Foxs Lane, as I liked the title of your blog, and I see we have some things in common, like the growing and gathering. Lucky you to be able to forage apples, I'm in the sub-tropics so no apple foraging here. I just found Little Red Hen's blog too and plan to join in with Here and Now next time. Looking forward to exploring your lovely b.og and hearing more from you.

    1. Hi Nanette and welcome. Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to leave a comment. Yes, the apples were a great find. I've since also managed to score a heap of pears off some neglected trees. Got to love a good foraged fruit find!

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